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Once Upon a Premonition, Or Two...

To my two little pumpkins during this Halloween season, I have a few spooky stories that do not begin with "it's a dark and dreary night," nor do they end with some crazed headless demon roaming the streets in pursuit of innocent townspeople. I can promise however that they will make the hair on your arms stand at attention. These stories are the reasons why I do not completely denounce psychic mediums because sure as I am alive these things have happened to me. For Volume 1, let's dive back to 2006 when I was a young, impressionable twenty-five-year-old taking on the world of publishing one pharmaceutical trade show at a time.  I'd stand proudly at our booth and hand out our most recently published magazines, feeling as though I was contributing to the common good.  I hoped that the health care professional receiving it would reap the benefits of our cutting- edge advice and breaking news on the latest pharma technologies. We would save lives, I was sure