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Keep It Simple

Fully equipped with a massive hole in the passenger side floor, my family’s Chevy Chevette that we begrudgingly called, Little Red Fred, powered through the Jersey streets with the best of the 80's rock bands as her soundtrack. There was so much wrong with that car, but the cassette player was so right. The front seat was a prize to be won, regardless of the fact that whoever sat there would be fending off the occasional pebble or splash of water.  Mom always had an extra pair of knee socks for my sisters and I in case a puddle “snuck its way in." She would frogger her way around puddles, but sometimes they were just unavoidable. That was an added bonus for us being Catholic School kids, Mom and Dad never had to worry about us dirtying the entire bottom half of an outfit. Change the knee socks and BAM you are good as new. Yes, we went to Catholic school and my parents were driving around a car with a hole in it at the time.    Ah the prices one is willing to p