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In Her Eyes

I saw  her today. She had on a pink Disney princess tiara that sat crooked over her straight, brown locks of hair. The tiara clashed perfectly with the blue, yellow and red Super Girl costume she insisted on wearing over blue heart pants and pink sneakers. The remnants of the strawberries she had eaten with breakfast were stained on the lower parts of her cheeks and when I tried to swap the tiara for a blue headband to better match her ensemble - we were going out in public after all- I got the look to end all looks from my very decisive four-year-old daughter. That look. Her hands on her hips. The tapping of her impatient right foot. The way the sun was hitting her hazel eyes.  On mornings like that it was as though I was sent back in time. She was there which meant she  was still here. Sure 99% of the time my daughters looked like the female replicas of their father, but in some special fleeting moments I saw my family. When Madison placed the tiara on the coffee table to ent