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The Uncle on the Shelf

Imagine waking up every morning for a month with the feeling that someone is watching you. Maybe that someone is staring at you until you get out of bed because you snoozed your alarm, again. How very naughty of you. You could be in some pretty significant trouble now. You carefully sit up and look around. Seeing the coast is clear, you breath a sigh of relief.  But alas, maybe this person is hanging out in the bathroom, waiting to wag a finger at your floss-free regimen. You know you should be flossing, but lately you just haven't had the time or patience. Phew, he's not in there either. Relieved the first two rooms didn't house the little know-it-all, you sleepwalk your way to the kitchen, prepare yourself an English Muffin and put on the kettle to warm up some hot water for your cup of tea. You feel delightfully cozy and peaceful while you carry your tea and muffin to the living room. Today is going to be a great day. You took the day off to finish up your Christmas s