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The Seven Shes

I knew at a very young age that I was one of the lucky ones. I sat at a consistent lunch table every day with girlfriends that I could share my quirkiest thoughts and feelings with, knowing they wouldn’t judge me.   They loved me for everything that I was and even crazier - everything I was not. I had a boyfriend who didn’t pressure me into having sex and six best friends who would take a bullet for me. These two notions made my high school experience relatively extra ordinary.   It was rare, but it was real. I wasn’t afraid of being teased and I wasn’t anxious that I wouldn’t fit in. I just did. We all just did. My seven girlfriends and I were a rare breed of “friend.” We had a strong bond that would have errored on the side of a clique had we acted like those typical high school bitches. There were enough of us to act like that, but instead we chose to not exclude other girls for not being one of “us”.   We welcomed them in and learned lessons from each of them, which we in turn ta