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Momma Sutra

"Hey, Mom, check out my awesome, new, pink vibrator," doesn't exactly roll off the tongue the way that, "I just got a great new scarf from Anthropologie," does. At least it didn't in our very Italian, very Irish, Catholic home. Growing up, I was one of three sisters who had a Catholic education from elementary school through college. I always felt like our denomination followed us around like a big ol' birth mark. We were Catholic school girls for life and so any mention of vibrators, condoms and birth control was pure blasphemy. Let me put it to you like this, the first time I let my high school boyfriend put his hands under my shirt I swear I went home and said the Act of Contrition. God had to know I was sorry and that I would try not to allow it again. So when my mother found a suggestive email that I had written to my boyfriend months later, I was sure that I would need more than just a prayer to get me out of that one. If you think I am des