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I walked into the boardroom just in time for the presentation to start. The Studio Director winked at me in relief while the Account Director, never missing a beat, introduced me to our potential new clients. Somewhere in between our handshakes and awkward small talk it hit me... I only had eyeliner on one eye. While this is seemingly better than say, having my fly open, it's not exactly a confidence booster before presenting to a group. While my colleagues spoke, I discretely dug into my Mary Poppins bag of tricks for a mirror to at least assess the situation. Two pacifiers, a bib and a Fourth of July noise blower passed my line of vision before my index finger met the pointed edge of the baby nail clippers. I jerked forward just at the same time the Account Director passed the presentation my way, making me look over eager and slightly jittery. I couldn't decide if the fact that they were a cosmetic company made it OK for me to have half  "my face" on. I mean if