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Loser on First

Last night at the old Yankee Stadium I can still feel the ground vibrating beneath my feet. The noise from the crowd echoed throughout the entire stadium and if I closed my eyes long enough an instant chill would fill my bones. It was electric. There were moments in that building where you could hear the person next to you gulp. Moments where every single eye was on home plate. Instances where the pitcher's mound served as a shrine. The old Yankee Stadium gave you a high that a drug couldn't possibly rebut.  A devoted plenty came to fill their hunger for competition every season. They were thirsty for perfection and they wanted something tangible to feed that craving. Perfection is hard to obtain and even harder to maintain, especially if you wear pinstripes. To be a member of the New York Yankee organization, or for that matter any professional ball club, is not only an honor, but also a challenge of a lifetime. Could you imagine getting booed off the mound in one game a