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A Year in the Life of a Mother

A year ago today a bedside full of love surrounded you while you listened to a video of your sweet granddaughter's laughter. We, your daughters, held your hands and assured you that it was ok to let go and finally move on. To finally get your wings. To finally be free. I pictured Kari leaping through heaven's gates to meet you.  Our Kari finally with you. You finally with your first born. Kari couldn't enter a room without jumping through a doorway at home, so surely this had to be the way you were greeted. If a person is going to have an O.C.D., it should be this one.  It is happily endearing and makes neurosis look so damn cute.  The thought that my big sister and beloved mother were reuniting, coupled with the belief that Mom was seeing her parents, Grandma Kitty and Grandpa Jack again, made those first few days livable. That, and the fact that I would probably lose a little weight in the process. Hey, a little vanity does a girl good. I would be lying if I didn'