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A Letter to the MAs

Sometimes Momma is forgetful,
Sometimes she just doesn't get that my needs, in my opinion, are monumental.
Has that ever happened to you?
Has she ever dressed you in something pink when you just wanted it to be blue?
Or how about glamming me up with hair pieces and lace?
Doesn't she see the disgust on my face?
Sometimes I like to sit in my own pee,
Once I wiggle away I think —"you'll never catch me!"

There's another thing that I can't stand,
It's when she tries to wipe my nose with that tissue in her hand.
"Ouch," I think and "No," I say,
But that tissue just will not be put away.
I get it, you love me and want for me what is best,
But, boy it feels good to get this all off my chest!

Momma and Grandma are quite a pair,
They hustle, they feed me and insist that I share.
Still if you ask me, they are both rather silly,
I don't understand why two women would dote on a baby and dress me so frilly.
You would think I was some stuffed animal or porcelain baby,
A koala bear, kitty cat, or even a puppy maybe. 
But there is one thing I can be thankful for,
And please, ladies, try not to toot your own horns.

For MeMa, Grandma and Momma have taught me many great things,
Among them, to approach the world with an open mind to what life brings.
To enter a room with a smile on my face,
To say "please" and "thank you" with natural ease and maybe someday, grace.
All in all I find them all quite crazy,
But the truth is, they have taught me that love is anything but lazy.

MeMa sang to me and always made my laugh,
Even from heaven she is still my other half.
For this I feel quite lucky you know,
Not many babies have a personal guardian and angel in tow.
If MeMa is our heavenly angel then Grandma is the one on earth,
What a duo they have been for me since my birth.
And so for everything you all are to me and every time you may have felt like you live in a zoo,
I now take out my binky and utter my heartfelt,  "Thank you."

Rant over. See ya later, folks. 


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