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Pink Balloon

I bought you a balloon today. I blew it up, tied a string, but it flew away. It sailed over parks and jumped over bridges. All the while dodging a few unsuspecting pigeons. It swayed and whirled through winds so great. It was no wonder it did not have a cape. The faster I ran the further away it got. For over mountains, valleys and oceans it appeared to hop. It danced under the sun, while its pink surface glistened. I swear I could hear your laughter if I closed my eyes real tight and listened. Before I could grab it, before I knew, The balloon had made it's way up, up, up, and was headed straight to you. No more hesitation, no more delays. This balloon was serving it's purpose, And was happily on its way. Happy birthday to You, Happy birthday sweet Mother, My best friend, my confident, there will never be another. When that balloon gets to you make sure to send it back. From earth heaven isn't too far off track. Send it back for birthdays, holi