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Club Barbie

I looked in the mirror and saw a girl who should have been swinging from a pole. The tube top I had on stopped about two inches above my newly pierced navel and the skirt I borrowed was so tight and fitted to my body that it looked like it had been painted on. The smell of pot and cigarettes filled my dorm room and I was already two vodka drinks into one of the worst hangovers I would ever experience. "See, my clothes fit you perfectly, right?" said my very perky, wide-eyed roommate. "We just need to give you a hint of green to bring out your eyes." She grabbed the mirror on my desk, "Hold this," she ordered. She then proceeded to grab a baggy from her top drawer and shake powder out over the mirror. Before I knew it, she had blown a line of coke, poured more onto to the mirror and handed me the small straw. Welcome to my first night at college..... "All you, girl," she said wiping her nose. "I'm good," was all I cou