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Voyage to Maternite'

I pushed the call button and heard a voice, "How can I help you?" Was I hallucinating or did someone just come over a loud speaker in my hospital room? "Hello? Do you need something?" Asked the voice. "Oh, um, can someone please come in?" I responded. "What do you need?" Apparently the hospital thought they were running a hotel. "Um, I need ice. For my er..." Given the fact that I had delivered Madison the previous night I would think they could fill in the blanks. I carefully shifted onto my left side to gaze at my sleeping beauty.  My eyes traced the baby's pink, blue and white hat down to her button nose and then surveyed her perfectly lined lips.  You couldn't pay for lip liner that fabulous. A little sneeze escaped her mouth waking her up just enough to let out a cry. I attempted to sit straight up so I could scoop her from her little throne. Ouch. I tried to sit up to my right. Ow. Then to the left. Ah.