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This is How We Began....

I found out an hour into having contractions at eight centimeters that the pain pump was unplugged. I feel like I have lived most of my adult life with the pain pump unplugged. They did say getting older wasn’t easy. They also warned that labor hurt. For all intensive purposes I chose to ignore the skeptics and live my life in ignorant bliss, but somehow what those smarties said caught up to me. Before I knew it, I was deviled over in what can only be described as the worst period/gas cramp my body has ever had the misfortune to experience. Doesn’t sound so bad? Pretend someone is also sitting on your stomach at the same time, preventing you from positioning yourself appropriately to help alleviate the just-kill-me pain. Oh and this lasts for nearly a minute and leaves again for another minute, teasing you that maybe the worst is over when BAM another surge of minute-long throbbing kicks in. Let’s throw in the fact that I went into this whole ex